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Dancenter Staff

Miss Anita -  Artistic Director, owner and instructor

I have been dancing for as long as I remember.  I started going to the studio at a very young age as my mother was a dance instructor too, and thats where it all started for me.  As I grew up, my passion was tap and I took privatly with my mentor, Marjorie Sellers in Zanesville Ohio, my home town.  I also studied, ballet, jazz and baton.  When I was entering my freshman year of high school, we moved to Illinois and I studied and also started attending intensives and seminars to further my education.  I opened my first studio at 19.  As dance has evolved, so has my passion for it.   I pride myself on being the consummate student, always yearning to learn more, not only about different dssance styles but also about technique advances, injury prevention and safety.  My goal in life has always been to share my passion with my students and see them grow.  Some of my former students have danced with the San Francisco ballet, are professors at Illinois State University, have danced at various theme parks and may are currently teaching at dance studios all over the country.  My dancers are my family and there is no bigger pleasure than sharing the love of dance with them all. 

Miss Becky - assistant Artistic Director and instructor

Being the daughter of a dance instructor, most of my life was spent in the studio.  Naturally, dance became a huge passion of mine at a young age.  I have danced all my life, taking only a short hiatus as I attended Lincoln Christian University to receive my degree in Early Childhood.  I have also taught for studios in Ottawa and Bloomington, given master classes in Chicago and Springfield, worked  with many local high school dance teams, choreographed for Engle Lane and Vermillion Players,  and taught for many special events in the area.  When I'm not in the studio, I work for the Illinois Valley Brain Injury Clubhouse, helping adults deal with traumatic brain injuries.  I also love devoting time to overseas mission work, which lead me to an opportunity to teach hip hop classes in the Dominican Republic.  I believe that dance is a beautiful gift that we, as dance teachers, can give to every student we come across.  I am beyond grateful that you have entrusted us the opportunity to be a part of your childs journey

Miss Shannon - instructor

I began dancing at the Streator Dancenter when I was 4 years old.  I took classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and tumbling running over the course of 14 years. I was also an assistant teacher for 4 years, a member of the Dancenter Performance Company for 6 years and a member of the Dancenter competition team for 2 years.  After high school, I attended Eastern Illinois University and was a member of the EIU dancers.  During that time, I choreographed jazz, hip hop, lyrical and tap dances for their showcases.  I have also choreographed for Engle Lane Theater and Vermillion Players .  I am so excited to be returning to my roots and teaching at the Dancenter

Miss Sophia  -  Instructor

I started dancing with the dancenter when I was five years old, and the studio has become my second home. I am trained in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, lyrical, and contemporary. I danced with the performance company at the dancenter for a few years, danced with the competition team for 7 years, and also assisted with dance classes while in high school. I have also choreographed for the competition team, and a couple shows at Engle Lane Theater. I am now attending Illinois Valley Community College for my Associates in Science and Arts. I enjoy keeping myself busy with the things that I love most, and creating relationships with my dancers. I’m excited to share my passion for dance with all my students, and I am grateful that I can further my dance career at the place I call home.

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