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Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement and gross motor skill development.  basic ballet and gross motor skill development.  45 minute class
Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet steps, beginning tap.  60 minute class

​First Grade Combo
Ages 6-8. Basic ballet, tap and beginning jazz.  90 minute class​

Ages 7 and up.  The most classic of dance forms and the basis of all other dance.  45  - 60 minute class depending on level.​

Ages 7 and up.  The most rhythmic of the dance forms.  45 minute class 

Ages7 and up.  Incorporates many different dance styles of modern movement in technical form.  45 minute class

Ages 8 and up.  A mix of ballet and jazz with an emphasis on lyrical interpretation and story telling.   45 minute class

​Hip Hop
Ages 7 and up.  Emphasis on street style movement with more emphasis on style than technique.  45 minute class

​Musical Theater
Ages 7 and up.  Combination of singing, dancing and acting, the true triple threat.  stylized movement from Broadway and Movies.  45 minute class

ages 7 and up. Incorporates modern , jazz and classical movement  and includes shapes and interpretation to music.  45 minute class


class available with instructor recommendation only.  30 minutes depending on level.


Young Ballerinas
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Our classes are divided into levels by age/abilities. Beyond our predance, kinderdance and first grade combo classes, we offer levels 1-2  (for students 1st and 2nd year out of combo classes - ages 7-9) Level 3-4  (for ages 9-11)  junior (ages 11 - 13 and senior (ages 13  and up)  If you need more information on placement, please contact us via email -

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