Performance Opportunities

Students ages 7 and up also have the opportunity to join our performance company.  This group opens and closes the annual show as well as dances for community events. In the past they have danced at the Bloomington Edge games, Cornbelters games, Red Carpet Corridor Festival, Streator Parkfest days and other events.  
Although performances may occur during the regular dance season, our ultimate performance is our annual year end show.  Each class is featured in a piece choreographed by their instructor showing off the skills they have acquired throughout the season in a professional venue.  Costumes to depict their dance as well as the theme of the show are purchased to add to the fun!
Students are NEVER obligated to perform in the show, but are encouraged as this learning experience can be invaluable.  From understanding how being on a stage works to learning teamwork with their peers, its a great opportunity to just let go!
The year end show is normally held the weekend after Memorial day.  
Our competition team is open to ages 8 and up and travels to 3 competitions a season to perform and be adjudicated by industry professionals.